Digital Tools: Collage

I had a few ideas for this project. Initially, I was planning to create a collage targeting environmental concern, however, after gaining some inspiration from pictures online I came up with a new idea which became my final collage.

My new idea was a picture advertising a Super Smash Bros. tournament.

Because we had to take our own pictures, I began gathering items related to the game and created a DIY green screen to help with editing later.

I then used photoshop to edit out the background and take the base off the Luigi amiibo.

I then created a photoshop file which included a background picture taken in Grand Bend during reading week.


Photo by Julia Michalsky


Once the file was created, I then began adding the other images to create the collage.

I made a cut out in the gamepad handle  so it looked like it was being held.

In order to colour match the gamepad to the picture, I created a grayscale version of the image and then overlay the grayscale with one that was coloured but set to luminosity.

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-11-23-43-amThe next step in the process was to add in the Luigi amiibo.


I changed the colour to luminosity to get rid of the harsh blue and green and make it look more ghostly.

The final step was to add text, change some of the light levels, and add the tournament logo.collage2


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