Digital Tools: Logo Redesign Process 2

After creating the logo, the next step in the project was to photoshop the logo onto two different objects where logo placement would normally be found.

I decided to photoshop the redesigned Cloud Imperium logo onto a phone case and a business card.

Phone Case Process

I started by taking a picture of the phone case on my One Plus 3. When bringing the photo into photoshop, I create two copies; one of the copies I used for the logo placement and the other as a displacement map. The reason a displacement map was needed was to give the logo the sandstone texturing of the case.

After this step, I added the logo to the coloured phone case picture and adjusted the dimensions, using the ‘skew’ tool, so that the logo placement would look natural on the phone case.

I then applied the displacement map and reduced the logo opacity to 75% to finish the application.


Final Phone case with logo



Business Card Process

I started by taking a picture of a business card I had in my wallet. I then removed used photoshop to remove the information and colour corrected the image.

After creating a blank business card, I then applied the logo and the company name, adjusting them individually to fit the card’s proportions.

Although I liked the choice of typeface, the placement of the wording seemed off. All the objects felt disconnected and awkward.

I decided it would be best to try again, only this time, combining the logo and the company name into one smart object to make the manipulations more uniform across the different objects on the business card.

I also changed the colour mode from normal to multiply so that blue would not appear as vibrant.

Single smart object


Finished business card




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