Digital Tools 2: Project One

Film Subject Matter

UI Information

The UI in this film will be based around an implant behind the ear known as Argos. Argos gets its name from the bionic eye implant, Argus, created by Mark Humayun. The implant will allow the user to access and augmented environment, similar to the Microsoft Hololens. The UI will be able to sense the user’s location and activities in order to display the most relevant information. Activity examples:

Waking up in the morning

  • Sleep pattern for that night
  • Time & date
  • Alarm options

In the kitchen

  • List of food in fridge and storage spaces
  • Possible meals that can be made
  • Meal preparation time

In the washroom

  • Body fat percentage
  • Weight
  • Music playing options (for singing in the shower)

UI References


Filming Locations

Location 1: Sheridan Residence

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Location 2: My Home

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Story Synopsis

Many IXD students are familiar with Black Mirror, a Netflix TV series. The genre of speculative fiction is captivating as the ending is never what you’d expect. Because of Black Mirror’s focus on technology, I decided to use it as an inspiration for my film.

The film starts with the protagonist, Will, going through his morning routine. The microchip implant, known as Argos, embedded behind Will’s ear, allows him to interact with holographic displays that relay data it collects. The Argos works less like a heads up display and instead uses floating windows, like holograms, that can be manipulated. Will is an upstanding, organized individual who keeps to a strict schedule. With the help of his implant, Will is able to keep an efficient work schedule and lives a consistently healthy lifestyle.

After snoozing his alarm and sleeping for 10 more minutes, Will gets up and does a quick check of the information displayed by the Argos. After showering, Will checks the weather to see what he should wear for the day and checks his schedule to see what projects are upcoming. Before leaving for class, Will also checks the Argos to see what food he has and cooks a healthy breakfast. Through its intuitive interfaces, the Argos allows Will to function at his full potential both at school and work.  

There are some elements of life, however, the Argos cannot help with. As a result of Will’s prioritization of work over anything else, Will’s personal relationships are neglected. Specifically, his relationship with his girlfriend, Megan, begins to falter. Megan understands that most of Will’s time should go towards his studies. However, she feels under-prioritized and wants him to set aside more of his free time to be with her. Will and Megan get into an argument when she confronts him with her concerns. Will is unwilling to acknowledge her feelings and what she’s saying, so Megan ends their relationship and storms out.

Shaken up over the breakup, Will’s efficient schedule starts to fall apart. Will’s work habits are affected, bingeing Netflix and other distractions to help him escape his overpowering emotions. Will’s healthy eating habits, once made up of consistent freshly cooked meals, have been replaced with junk food and a high caffeine intake so he can stay awake and catch up on work he’s falling behind in. 

Will’s implant can sense the change in his lifestyle, trying to get him back on track. The Argos uses alarms warning him about the consequences of his current actions. He is warned of weight gain and dropping grades that will occur if he continues with the unhealthy eating and procrastination. Despite the Argos’ best intentions, the warnings only add to Will’s stress. Eventually, Will becomes exasperated as he is overwhelmed by notifications. The feeling of spiraling out control becomes too much for Will, and he just wants it to stop. In a fit of extreme stress and frustration Will finally resorts to cutting the implant out to be alone with his thoughts. 

Possible Actors


Ian Gerics






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